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New systems


We always take into account the parameters of the vehicle (tractor, implement, combine). We choose the system to ensure perfect operation in every respect for the operator. In Belarus (MTZ) tractors, the climate system is built as if it were factory fitted. Air-conditioning Pipes are piped in the hollow section of the water pipe and are therefore aesthetically concealed. However, the execution of the system changes as a type. On a four-cylinder engine (820-892.2), the compressor is installed on the generator and the generator is mounted on a separate console on the other side of the engine. With this solution, the side walls return to their factory location. In the 952.3 plastic side-walled version, the air conditioner compressor is placed on the generator, by the 1221.3 type are some other solutions used. So, every type has a proven method. Images of our works are located under the photos tab.

All newly built air conditioning systems provide 1 year warranty !!!!

The 1-year warranty can only be made if we have two periodic warranty checks on the built-in system after the date of installation. The first checkout is due 6 months from the date of installation and the second is to be performed before the warranty expires.


Climate system repair


In those machines, which have been developed in the factory or by other companies incorporated in the climate system, we can carry out the repairs and maintenance. Compressor reconditioning, reconditioning of climate pipes or welding of capacitors. Most of the problems in our work are caused by leakage flaws in the air conditioning system, their detection with nitrogen pressure test is simple. Continuous maintenance of a machine will restore its energy. Many errors could be eliminated with a scheduled maintenance that explores the failures of an already existing but still workable system. We carry a lot of spare parts in our Service vehicle so we can repair the defective machine immediately.

A classic failure is the wear of the climate compressor pulley bearing. If we do not notice that the bearing performance of the bearing has come to an end, we will be making heavy money to re-operate our climate system. The wear of such a bearing may damage the compressor clutch, pulleys, roller coils and melt the heat block. Overall, a maintained system cannot surprise you.


Air conditioner purification and disinfection


Ozone cleaning


Ozone is one of the most powerful and oxidizing substances that is much more effective than chlorine. There is no need to keep up from the substances in detergents that are often deterred many years later.

The ozone used to clean the air conditioner is converted to oxygen by the end of the process, so that the cleaned vehicle can be used immediately. Ozone Climate Purification is a reliable, highly efficient and fast method for joint cleaning of the cabin and air conditioner, which is recommended to be carried out at least once a year. During car air cleaning, place the high-performance ozone generator in the passenger compartment. The machine is able to disinfect an average passenger car and machine within 15 minutes without chemicals, with no residual ozone or no harmful material. In car climate cleaning, not only the air conditioner is cleaned, but the whole car will be bactericidal and free of virus, as well as unpleasant smells will disappear. The 15-minute treatment is suitable for climate cleaning.


Climate cleaner foam

It effectively destroys the bacteria and fungi in the car's climate control system and eliminates the unpleasant smell. Provides a protective film on the evaporator, providing fresh and clean air in the car, and thus the air conditioner can work efficiently. The whole cabin provides a pleasant, fresh scent! The treatment should always be carried out from the inhaled side (pollen filter) at a working climate.


Car electric services


Car electricity includes ignition, generator renewal, limitation of a short circuit or a fault detection of a more serious control unit. We have an oscilloscope instrument to analyze and analyze the operation of the interfering encoders. Afterwards, we are still installing simple car hi-fi systems in the tractors, which makes it easier for the operator to work.


• Repair and maintenance of starter, generator,
• Ignition diagnostics and repairs,
• Repair of lights, indicators, dashboards,
• Repair of wipers and heaters,
• Error reading and deleting onboard computers
• Battery Testing
• Headlight setting
• Alarm systems


Installation and repair of comfort electronic devices

• Car hi-fi installation,
• Central lock, power windows,
• Installing toledo radars
• Mobile phone bluetooth handsfree insertion and removal




Our company is engaged in the distribution of parts for air conditioned, so we can get all types of defective part.
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