Let me introduce myself

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Let me introduce myself, Sándor Vígvári I am a graduate of mechanical engineer, automobile electrician and of course car climate and freight refrigeration equipment mechanic. (F-gáz VI-VII.)

After completing my vocational study, I was a car mechanic. In the constantly evolving automotive industry, more and more air-conditioned cars could be encountered; as a result, I have completed the air conditioning course.

I managed to get the climate correction and installation of agricultural machines by college acquaintances and former comrades who were working for agricultural companies. As I was skilled in repairing the climate of passenger cars, I was asked to repair old and new tractors' climate-related failures. The months have passed and I have been working more and more of the tractors. So I bought my own service car to provide a better service to my customers.

I met a lot of MTZ (Belarus), which did not have an air conditioning system. Farmers have always complained about the heat in summer so that the old or new MTZ cab can be air conditioned. That is how I started specifically develop a complete air conditioning system for MTZ (Belarus) tractors. Learning from the mistakes of the first pair of works, I can honestly say, the systems built by me are durable, easy to maintain, and provide good cooling parameters that can work well in all MTZ cabs in the warmest heat as well!!!

In the past years, adapting to market conditions, I can offer a unique climate system to the entire range of agricultural and machine tools. I work all over the country so I do all the work at the customer's premises!

All new climate systems provide 1 year guarantee !!!!

My most important goal is to offer the best service to my existing and prospective customers. To this end, I attend continuous training courses and my colleagues who are always up to date with the latest technologies and professional knowledge. All of our mechanics are well prepared, have a great experience and have completed the highest level of professional courses.

Thank you for reading my introduction, if you have any question or problem, please contact me with confidence!


Sándor Vígvári
Mechanical engineer