Electric fan

At the Condenser

If an electric fan is used, it can be mounted either on the condenser or on the water cooler. When installed on the condenser, it is located at the front of the vehicle and operates in compression mode. If it is located behind the engine and the water cooler, it works in suction mode, absorbs the air from the outside through the condenser.


At the evaporator

Centrifugal fans and exhaust fans are always fitted to the evaporator. These are now built into a single unit with the heating system. The purpose of the centrifugal fan is to inject the outside air into the evaporator for the aforementioned changes and to enter the passenger compartment. The engine can be twin-axle type, with two impellers or just in a simple manner. The impeller can be either single or double inlet depending on the evaporator design. The speed of the motor is controlled by resistors.