Submitting the heat delivered by the refrigerant to the external environment (the air) cools the refrigerant, creates a state of state change and is released from the condenser in a liquid state. Generally, it is supplemented by a fan so that the amount of air flowed through the condenser can always take the amount of heat delivered by the condenser when the refrigerant passes through a state of change due to the cooling and the liquid becomes vapor.
Condenser tubing is such that the refrigerant flow resistance is minimal, so in addition to compensating for the compression loss, there is no significant demand from the compressor to peak output. Due to the position of the engine compartment, in some cases, the capacitor is mounted to the rear of the vehicle under the floor, under the floor or with a separate enclosure. In this case an electric fan is always needed. But in most cases, it is placed in the vehicle's engine room!